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To the Brothers and to all Philip's friends in Japan

(Brother Maurice Lapointe)

On December 21, Brother Philip decided to try his new cross-country skis in the park not far from the community. In the morning he had made his usual morning walk and at noon he was his usual self: attentive to our guest, a Brother missionary in Nigeria on a visit in Ottawa. In the afternoon, at about two o'clock, our time, he left for the park. He was alone, as I was working on a document on my computer. The next morning we were to leave together to bring back our sister from Montreal to Ottawa, after her chirurgical intervention in her right foot.

What happened exactly in the park, we will never know for sure. It seems he had a heart attack. It was later confirmed by the police that a sergeant from the RCMP (federal police) returning home from his work, saw him lying down on the path with someone trying to re-animate him. He performed mouth to mouth respiration and CPR but without success. At the same time, the emergency paramedics has been called. They were on the scene ? 15h 10. At the hospital they again tried to re-animate Brother Philip.

At 18 h 00, I received a visit of a local police inspector who drove me to the hospital. There they confirmed that Brother Philip had passed away. The coroner performed an autopsy which revealed an acute heart attack but with no signs of previous strokes.

The Thursday hours were occupied with announcing to the terrible news to my sister, my brother and the family. I looked in Brother Philip's computer for some contact with his friends in Japan all his e-mail address notebook is in Japanese. I then phoned Brother Marc Maheu and due to the good services of Brother Ohtomo, he was able to reach some of you.

I received some e-mail and some phone calls from some of Philip's friends who speak English. Unfortunately, some calls did not get through without my knowing the reason why except an indication "missed call". I am sorry that some of you tried unsuccessfully.

Brother Philip will lie in state at the funeral home on December 28, in the afternoon and in the evening. This is the latest date at which they can present the body in a decent manner. Though this is mostly for local friends and family feel free to send messages. On a table, I will put your printed e-mail messages. Brother Philip's body will then be cremated.

On January 6, the urn containing the ashes will be brought to the chapel of the Brothers residence in Ottawa for an evening of personal and community prayers in an atmosphere of interiority, silence and prayer.

The funeral ceremony consisting of a mass of the Catholic Church will be held at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning, January 7 (local time) in St Anne's Church in Ottawa. Later, the family will bring the ashes to the lot the Brothers have in Notre-Dame Cemetery in Ottawa.

Brother Philip spent 47 years in Japan. They were years of happiness, achievement and fulfillment. The friendship ties he had with so many of you were profound and lasting. He cherished your friendship. That you kept those ties alive though he was back in Canada was a happy feeling for him. He spoke highly of you. Of all his friends in Japan and mentioned your messages and calls. On his behalf, on behalf of all the family and on behalf of the Brothers here and also personally, I wish to thank you for your loyalty, your friendship and your affection towards Brother Philip.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail (though it has unfortunately to be in English or French). You will find hereby my coordinates.

Again, many thanks for the friendship you have shown to my brother, Brother Philip, for the happiness and the fulfilment you enabled him to have.

Brother Maurice Lapointe, FSC

Coordinates of Brother Mauricen

				Brother Maurice Lapointe
				89, Stewart Street
				Ottawa, On  CANADA  K1H 6H9

				Tel:  (Ask Shimada-san)
				Fax:  country code 1, area code 613 then 234-9492
				email:(Ask Shimada-san)

Coordinates of Funeral Home

				Racine, Robert  & Gauthier
				180, Montreal Rd
				Ottawa, On  CANADA  K1L 1B4

				Phone:  1-613-241-3680
				Fax: 	1-613-241-9245

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